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33340 Tampere
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We will produce, construct and install with "Turn Key"-principal our product improvement AL-station, which is contervible choice according to the wishes and concepts of clients.

AL-Station has modular construction and it has been built up by using all above before mentioned prefabricated parts. In practise the AL-Station has been experienced reliable and very competitive. The advantages, compared with the traditional construction are:

  • Fast delivery
  • Short construction time
  • Easy for client
  • Flexible according to clients concept

2. We are constructing various special areas of service stations. All the special areas together or separately agreed way according to the agreement. Our construction services have been selected like product services and the services are:

  • Earth works
  • HDPE-Membrane works
  • Sewerage system
  • Fuel piping
  • Tank installation
  • Steel canopies
  • Pump islands
  • Electrical system
  • Installation of illuminated signs

3. We will deliver according to individual agreement prefabricated service stations and special part packages which are:

  • Fuel pipes and fuel equipment 
  • Structures of steel canopies
  • Pump islands 
  • Concrete foundations and covers 
  • Fuel tanks 
  • Dispensers
  • Bank note-credit card terminals
  • Illuminated signs
  • Electrical equipment 
  • Equipment bays 
  • Chambers 
  • Access shafts 
  • D-points